Write Laugh

Funny Copywriting, Content & Ideas for your Business

Are you a business owner who wants people to buy your product, or use your service? I hope so. If you don’t want that, what the hell are you doing in business? You’re an idiot! Stop running a business and do something else idiot.

But, if you DO want that, the best way to do it is with HUMOUR!

Being funny breaks down barriers, puts your customers at ease and makes you and your company look cool. Will Ferrel, Eddie Murphy and Tina Fey are all pretty cool, right? That’s ’cause they’re funny.

If you want to stand out in a crowded market the best way to do it is with a funny website, blog, brochure or video written by someone who knows what’s funny. And that’s me.

I’ve been writing comedy for over 20 years for people like Hamish & Andy, Dave Hughes, Adam Hills, Rove McManus, Christian O’Connell, Troy Kinne, and many many more. I can help your copy stand out in the crowd, get people to love you, and ultimately make you a god* in your chosen field.

(*Not an actual god)

It’s all about not being boring

It’s not just about making your copy funny, it’s about making it entertaining and easy to read. 

If you run a funeral home I’m not going to give you something akin to a Jerry Seinfeld monologue, but I will give you copy that won’t have the relative of the deceased – who’s considering your funeral home – wishing they were dead too.

I can make your emails, ads, web content, brochures, newsletters and product descriptions “POP” by making them simple, fun, engaging, and very NOT boring.

All about me

I’m an award-winning television comedy writer with over 20 years’ experience on shows like True Story with Hamish & AndySpicks & SpecksYou’re Skitting MeLarry the Wonder PupRoveKinne Tonight, and many, many more.

I’ve written and performed in six Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and, in 2001, bagged the inaugural Age Critic’s Award and Barry Award for Best (ie funniest) Show of the Festival – Australia’s highest honour for live comedy. You can find out more about me HERE.

Credits include:

Head Writer

  • Spicks & Specks
  • Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight
  • Rove Live/ Rove 
  • This Week Live with Tom Gleeson
  • You’re Skitting Me


  • True Story with Hamish & Andy 
  • Hughesy We Have a Problem
  • Kinne Tonight
  • Problems with Sam Simmons
  • When TV Was Awesome
  • Family Feud with Grant Denyer
  • The Russell Gilbert Show
  • Full Frontal

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