FOR Comedians

After I was asked by several well-known stand-up comedians to help “punch up” their routines, then by another comic to help structure and add jokes to his comedy web series, and then by an up and coming filmmaker to help write her funny, award winning short film script, I wondered if others out their might also want some help. So this is Matsen Creative Copywriting for Comedians

Comedians, Comedy Writers, and Creators!

Would you like to improve your stand-up routine, make your sketches punchier, or simply add in a few more gut-busting gags to an already hilarious act? Then why not contact me for a chat.

Many of the world’s top comedians have writers, so why shouldn’t you? Having fresh eyes on any comedy routine, sketch, film, or tv series can lift it to new levels. John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, and Samantha Bee don’t do it alone.

MCC can…

  • Help new and experienced stand-up comedians and comedy performers improve their current routines and/or develop new ones.
  • Help live, online or TV sketch performers make the most of their material.
  • Find jokes and angles for your routine, sketch, TV series or film that you may never have thought of on your own.
  • Give you tips on surviving in this ridiculous business.
  • Give you the support and encouragement you often need to keep going.

I’m one of Australia’s leading TV comedy writers, a former stand-up comedian and a Barry Award Winning sketch performer. Find out more about me HERE.

The key to writing for someone else is finding their voice and, having written for Hamish & Andy, Adam Hills, Hughesy, Rove, Christian O’Connell, and even Grant Denyer, I’m an expert at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Simple. You tell me what you’re after and I’ll help you. This could include (but is not limited to)…

  • Adding some jokes to an existing routine.
  • Knocking a sagging routine into better shape.
  • Helping with plot structure and jokes on a narrative project.
  • Re-writing sketches.
  • Or simply helping you find your “voice”.

I can either meet with you in person, phone or “zoom” you if you’re in another part of the country or the world.

I don’t feel right doing other people’s jokes. Should I worry?

No. Every comedian I’ve ever worked with has said that, especially early on. But more brains always make for better jokes. David Letterman didn’t write everything he ever said. The art is to make it look like you did.

How much does it cost?

I know what it’s like to be a struggling comedian so we’ll work something out that fits your budget.

Is the first consultation FREE?